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Kas in Action: Top 100 Kas-Powered Websites (1–5)

August 15, 2023

Since Kaspa’s official collaboration with CoinPal, the Kas ecosystem has been attracting a growing number of merchants.

Kas holders now have the exciting opportunity to use Kas for transactions on numerous websites, experiencing the true allure of Kas — the world’s fastest and most scalable POW cryptocurrency.

1. IGV.com

Founded in 2007, IGV is the world’s largest gaming account trading platform with over 6 million players.

At IGV.com, you can discover the most popular games like Valorant, Diablo 4, Fortnite, and immerse yourself in the thrill of being a premium player.

Via IGV.com, you can experience the most comprehensive gaming-related services, including purchasing in-game currency, accounts, items, and even finding professional players to game alongside you.

With IGV.com, you can swiftly become a champion in classic games such as WOW, FIFA, DOFUS, and many more.

In a nutshell, if you are a gaming enthusiast, don’t forget to visit IGV and use KAS to enjoy the most comprehensive gaming services.

2. PoolPartyNodes.com

PoolPartyNodes is the official merchandise store of Kaspa, offers over 100 SKUs related to Kaspa, including clothing, hats, phone cases, backpacks, and accessories.

Through poolpartynodes.com, you can become the coolest Kaspa member: each Kaspa merchandise you wear becomes a node, representing your affiliation with Kaspa in a decentralized way, making it known to the world that you are a part of Kaspa.

By purchasing products from poolpartynodes.com, you contribute to the Kaspa community. 50% of the sales profit from PoolPartyNodes is directly donated to Kaspa DOA, supporting Kaspa’s ongoing research in creating a sustainable decentralized ecosystem.

No Kaspa member can resist the allure of PoolPartyNodes. Don’t miss out, hurry and visit the website now!

3. NHASH.net

NHASH, established in 2021, is a globally renowned mining equipment seller offering a wide range of mining rigs for 12 different cryptocurrencies, including KAS, BTC, ETH, and LTC.

With NHASH.net, you can easily purchase various mining machines from anywhere in the world. Nhash’s logistics capabilities are industry-leading, and over the past three years, they have served customers in 62 countries across all five continents.

Through NHASH.net, you’ll enjoy the highest quality miners at competitive prices, with a mature service system designed specifically for retail customers.

If you are a mining enthusiast, don’t forget to use KAS to purchase your Kaspa mining machines from NHASH. Let’s join forces with NHASH to strengthen Kaspa’s ecosystem.

4. XTrendSpeed.com

XTrend Speed is a leading online trading platform, owned and operated by Rynat Capital (Pty) Ltd, which is an authorised financial service provider regulated by the FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) under the FSP license number 23497. Since its establishment in 2016, 10 million users worldwide have endorsed XTrend Speed.

XTrend Speed has won 12 awards such as Best Mobile Broker of the Year and Most Reliable Forex Broker — Europe. On 17th October, 2022, XTrend Speed became an esteemed Italian Serie A football club — ACF Fiorentina’s sponsor after reaching an agreement for the 2022/23 season.

At Xtrendspeed.com, you can purchase a diverse range of instruments, including forex, commodities (precious metals, energy, metals), indices, and stocks (US, Hong Kong, European stocks), totaling over 500 different options.

At Xtrendspeed.com, you can experience the industry’s lowest instant trading costs and leading cashback incentives. Their instant trading costs are merely 1/3 of those of their reputable peers, and every deposit made on XTrend Speed comes with a cash reward.

Use Kas to allocate traditional assets globally and ignite the global asset market with Kas burning power!

5. U4GM.com

Founded in 2012, U4GM is one of the most popular games services trading platform in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia, with over 1 million users. Trustpilot rating of 4.9.

Here at U4GM.com, you can purchase in-game currencies, items, power leveling, accounts and top up services for popular games like COD, NBA, MLB, MADEEN, and more. Some players even buy customize services on U4GM, such as Diablo 4 Custom Item Affixes. Just tell U4GM the items Affixes, you will get the best one related to your demand.

Buy game services from U4GM.com, you can claim your order anytime. Their live chat support 24/7 online. U4GM has its own game gold farming and boosting team. All game currencies are 100% safe. And you can enjoy the professional power leveling services. U4GM provides one-on-one assistance and VPN protection. The cheapest Diablo 4 boosting service on the market is on U4GM.

If you are a player of FIFA, NBA, MLB, MADEEN, COD, Diablo 4, and all other games, don’t forget to use Kas at U4GM to experience the joy of being a gaming champion.

“Good things spread like wildfire.”

As Kas blazes its trail with payment speeds rivaling VISA and Mastercard while costing merely a fraction of traditional payment methods, this POW cryptocurrency is destined to take the world by storm.

Join forces with Coinpal and let’s ignite the crypto realm and beyond with the unstoppable power of Kas!