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Accept CoinPal on Magento

1. Sign up for a CoinPal account

2. Get Merchant No and Secret Key

3. Install the Magento Plugin

How to start accepting crypto on Magento

Step 1: Login CoinPal Admin Dashboard get Merchant ID and Secret Key

1. Sign up/Sign in and go to CoinPal's Admin Dashboard

2. Follow the Dashboard guidelines to fill in the relevant information

3. Click the 'Integration' button in the lower left corner to get the corresponding Merchant No. and Secret Key

Step 2: Installing the CoinPal Plugin on your Magento Site

1. Click the CoinPal plug Download CoinPal Magento Payment Plug
2. Unzip the CoinPal.zip file and enter the CoinPal folder

3. Copy the CoinPal folder to the Magento root app/code directory

4. In command line, navigate to the magento root folder Enter the following commands:

php bin/magento module:enable CoinPal_Checkout --clear-static-content
php bin/magento setup:upgrade

If the page prompts: "There has been an error processing your request", run the following:

php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

5. Activate the CoinPal Magento Gateway
Go to your Magento admin area and click Stores => Configuration=> SALES => Payment Methods
Find the payment method CoinPal, click Install Module

Copy and Paste all of the Settings you generated in your CoinPal Dashboard on Step #1
Click Save Config Changes

Step 3: Testing your CoinPal Magento Integration

To confirm your Integration is properly working create a test order:
1. Add Test Item to Shopping Cart and View Cart
2. Proceed to Checkout
3. Select Pay Crpto with CoinPal as the Payment Method
4. Click Continue CoinPal button

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