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Is CoinPal safe?

January 15, 2024

CoinPal is a secure cryptocurrency payment platform, bridging traditional finance and the evolving Web3 world.

CoinPal holds a European Union license for virtual currency exchange operations and a Trust or Company Service Provider License in Hong Kong, regulated by the EU Financial Crime Investigation Service and Hong Kong's Joint Financial Intelligence Unit.

For merchants, CoinPal offers a payment service supporting over 60 cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, USDT, and KAS. Merchants can easily integrate it through plugins and opt for CoinPal's rate-locking service. This means that if a transaction is valued at 10 USDT of any cryptocurrency, the merchant receives the equivalent in units, insulated from crypto market volatility.

For token issuers or communities, integrating with CoinPal not only expands their payment scenarios across hundreds of merchants but also empowers them in terms of market and trading through CoinPal's capabilities.

In essence, CoinPal is akin to being the Strip of the traditional payment world but within the crypto sphere, providing a reliable and expansive bridge between digital and fiat currencies.